• Rudy Giuliani

    Rudy Giuliani

    Obviously, Rudy is respected throughout our nation for his inspired leadership following 9-11. He is an American icon. You can imagine how surprised I was to receive a call from his campaign organizers and to be invited to join them on the road. Since then, we’ve helped create videos for broadcast on his popular website and YouTube, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know the man. He’s humble, down-to-earth and appreciative of our work.


  • Luke Bryan

    Luke played a full set at a wedding that we filmed and it was unbelievable! The bride surprised both the groom and guests when they opened the reception doors as Luke and his band kicked off things. We can’t publish the film or audio at this time.

  • Josh Turner Country Music Artist

    Josh Turner <em>Country Music Artist</em>

    Gotta admit… I’m not the biggest country music fan. So, the insane excitement surrounding the wedding of this rising star’s sister caught me off guard. I just wasn’t familiar with his work. Still, I figured the groomsman wearing cowboy boots was probably the guy creating all the hubbub, and we enjoyed videoing his performance of two beautiful songs written just for the occasion.


  • Jeremy Mayfield NASCAR Driver

    Jeremy Mayfield <em>NASCAR Driver</em>

    It was a real honor to be invited to Jeremy’s Myrtle Beach wedding a couple years ago. And it was a dubious honor to fall into the snare of a notorious practical joker. Right before the ceremony, Jeremy really pulled one over on me. He began acting like he had cold feet, like he wanted to leave. My heart was racing as he confessed his anxieties to my video camera and convincingly prepared to sneak out the back door. All his friends and family (including the father of the bride) enjoyed watching me squirm. I bought it hook, line and sinker.


  • Shaun Alexander Starting Runningback, Seattle Seahawks

    Shaun Alexander <em>Starting Runningback, Seattle Seahawks</em>

    In addition to being an extremely talented ballplayer, this Pro Bowl alumni is a real class act. He was best man at a wedding we filmed in Charleston, where I enjoyed watching him pray, laugh, dance and connect with those around him. He even took the time sign footballs for a few kids. His great friendship with the groom was apparent, as was his love for his wife. To learn about his nonprofit mentoring organization, go to www.shaunalexander.org

  • Art Linkletter Host, "Kids Say the Darndest Things" Art Linkletter Planetarium

    Art Linkletter Host, <em> Art Linkletter Planetarium">

    It’s a generational thing. When I was invited to spend three days shooting Mr. Linkletter, I had no idea who he was. Fortunately, my dad set me straight. The legendary showman is famous for hosting “Kids Say the Darndest Things” and was such a good friend to the one-and-only Walt Disney that he helped create … Disney World! During our three days together, the smiles and laughter never stopped. And his passion for helping young people couldn’t have been more evident.


  • Carman Christian Singer/Songwriter

    Carman <em>Christian Singer/Songwriter</em>

    I was working for the Trinity Broadcasting Network in Nashville when regular guest Carman first moved to Music City. At the time, he was at the top of the Christian music charts with hit songs like “The Champion.” Though riding a wave of popularity, he was humble, friendly and very personable. In fact, I wound up attending his church, and he was the first person to welcome me. From that moment forward, he always treated me like family.


  • Nathan Morris Boyz II Men

    Nathan Morris <em>Boyz II Men</em>

    During the summer of 1996, I was invited to film the Motown Charity Basketball Game (attended by superstars like P. Diddy, Evander Holyfield, Claude McKnight and Michael Bivens). Moments after arriving at the event, I was ushered into the locker room, where numerous celebrities were getting ready for the big game. Though I conducted several interviews and shot lots of “b-roll,” my personal highlight was a private hallway encounter with Boyz II Men’s Nathan Morris. He was singing to himself … a song I’d never heard before and haven’t heard since. Out of respect for his privacy, I didn’t record this impromptu “performance.” Instead, I marveled at his unbelievable talent. Without a doubt, he has one of the best singing voices I’ve ever heard.


  • Luis Palau Christian Speaker/Event Organizer

    Luis Palau <em>Christian Speaker/Event Organizer</em>

    Another celebrity I wasn’t real familiar with until a chance professional encounter, Luis Palau leads enormous Christian festivals all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of people attend his phenomenal events. While involved in producing several promotional videos for 2002’s Beachfest at Broadway (featuring Kirk Franklin, Toby Mac, Point of Grace and others), I enjoyed the opportunity to meet Luis and his entire entourage of world-class professionals. The event was an amazing, million-dollar extravaganza and was attended by hundreds of thousands of people. And I was thrilled to be a part of it.


  • Jay Sekulow Chief Counsel for the ACLJ

    Jay Sekulow <em>Chief Counsel for the ACLJ</em>

    Jay was president of the station I worked for in Nashville, and I served as engineer for his weekly television program, which aired nationally on a number of networks (including the Trinity Broadcasting Network and FamilyNet). His call-in radio program Jay Sekulow Live! is broadcast on more than 550 radio stations across the country. He’s defended our Constitutional freedoms in numerous U.S. Supreme Court cases and was a pivotal player in the establishment of the National Day of Prayer. Jay deserves to be remembered for countless historically significant accomplishments, but he always will be remembered by me as a great human being who treated the members of his team with respect.


  • J.C. Watts U.S. Congressman

    J.C. Watts <em>U.S. Congressman</em>

    I was only 19 when I interviewed Congressman Watts for the Christian Broadcasting Network and admittedly rattled by his celebrity. Fortunately, he broke the ice, put me at ease and allowed me to feel as though I was in control of the interview. In retrospect, he probably was in the driver’s seat the entire time. I could tell right away he was a man of strong moral values and ethics, and, when the “interview” ended, I enjoyed our extended visit. Two years later, I watched him deliver the Republican rebuttal to President Clinton’s State of the Union address, and I closely followed his tenure as honorary co-chairman for the 2000 Republican National Convention.


  • Governor Mark Sanford Governor, South Carolina

    Governor Mark Sanford <em>Governor, South Carolina</em>

    It was a pleasure to visit with the Gov during the Coastal Grand Mall’s grand opening fundraiser. He chatted with us about the new facility and our friends in the Myrtle Beach Woman’s Club. And he told us a great joke that we’re not at liberty to repeat here.


  • Michael Bivens Music Artist

    Michael Bivens <em>Music Artist</em>

    R&B impresario Michael Bivens probably is best known for his pivotal role in chart-topping supergroups Boyz II Men and New Edition. But I happen to know he’s also a lethally-aggressive point guard (despite his … um … diminutive stature). I had fun shooting his on-the-court and off-the-court hi-jinks during a Motown charity basketball game.

  • Ric Flair Wrestler "The Nature Boy"

    Ric Flair <em>Wrestler ">

    Every red-blooded American male in my generation knows the Nature Boy and will enthusiastically mimic his trademark “Whooooo!” at the mere mention of his name. All together now: “To be the man … you gotta beat the man! Whooooo!” I was shooting a Myrtle Beach wedding when Ric appeared out of nowhere for a couple impromptu photographs. As he was walking away from us, the groom let loose with a spot-on “Whoooooo!” and flashed four fingers (reminiscent of Flair’s Four Horsemen wrestling troupe). That was vintage Ric Flair, and it even cracked up the legendarily macho showman.


  • Donnie McClurkin Gospel singer

    Donnie McClurkin <em>Gospel singer</em>

    I met Grammy-award-winning Gospel music icon Donnie McClurkin several years ago at the GMAs in downtown Nashville and have worked with him numerous times since. He’s a giant man (6’2”!) with a giant heart.


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