Jessica & Matt's wedding trailer from their beautiful fall wedding in Columbia, SC..

There’s something exhilarating about a fall wedding, with the sun shining, the air crisp, and the leaves just turning beautifully. Jessica and Matt chose the perfect fall day in Columbia, SC to join their lives. The enthusiasm in the air was palpable, not only because the South Carolina Gamecocks were playing a big game that day, but also because two wonderful people were about to celebrate their love.

The day was a crescendo of excitement and anticipation, starting with the bride getting her hair done at the Austral Salon, leading up to the big moment at Shandon Presbyterian Church in Columbia, and finishing out with a celebration at The Summit Club. Neither Jessica nor Matt showed a moment’s hesitation in the major step they were about to take, but only anticipation to get to the moment where they would become man and wife. The whole town celebrated with Jessica & Matt as the Gamecocks came out on topWe were extremely lucky to be able to capture that day for them, and we wish them the best of luck in a happy future together.