An immense amount of love and appreciation was reflected through Tim and Angie’s eyes on their big day in February of this year. Magnolia Plantation of Charleston, South Carolina is home to one of the most whimsical wedding sites imaginable. It was a gorgeous day without a cloud in the sky. The soothing breeze coming off of the water made the surrounding oak trees dance in reply. Capturing this couples most precious moments was equally as breezy thanks to their high spirits and easy going personalities.

When the bride let out one of those infectious, throw your head backwards in bliss kind of laughs, I knew we were in for a great shoot. The wedding party traveled around the plantation for pictures via golf cart taxi. They found breathtaking locations including an open green pasture with donkeys roaming in the background, as well as a red wooden bridge over a serene lake. Hand painted signs added touches of the bride’s personality to the area. This included one held up before the ceremony threatening major punishment upon anyone who dare take out their cell phone. Yellow tulips served as the perfect bouquet choice to bring in the spring wedding season. The rest of the color scheme followed the same bright spring trends.

Each small, carefully planned detail came together to paint a portrait of simple elegance. For example, the groom’s mother was chosen to minister the ceremony. She did so eloquently, it only added to the warm fuzzy feeling each guest was likely feeling. It was clear Tim and Angie had a very loving and supportive family behind them. Angie’s uncle lightly strummed the guitar by the waters edge, further resonating the calm and pleasant vibe that encompassed the entire day. The flower girl and ring bearer were almost unbearably adorable (we even caught them stealing a kiss!) The ceremony went on without a hitch, and filled up many loving pairs of eyes.
Guests were then lead next door to a rustic green building with a twinkling back porch. The wood panelled ceiling was paired with chandeliers aglow with candle light. Romance was definitely in the air (Especially once these two love birds hit the dance floor). Inside, the little details definitely shined. A bowl full of M&M’s with the couples name and wedding date printed on them attracted a lot of attention. What I found to be the most unique factor of the wedding was the guest book. Instead of the traditional signing, they created a jigsaw puzzle. The guests then signed the back of a piece and turned it over, revealing a small glimpse at the overall picture. This is an inexpensive and creative alternative.
Also, I could not boast enough about their dinner choices. The buffet style meal offered a variety of delicacies including the classic southern style shrimp and grits. They also had a very popular s’mores station set up outside. Two pale blue love birds sat upon their three tiered cake, a nice switch up from classic cake toppers.

The couple made a point to thank all of the guests numerous times for the role they played in the culmination of their romance. Even from behind the camera lens, it was easy to see the bride, groom, and each guest left radiating happiness. We shared that viewpoint with the fantastic photographer, Holly Graciano. This couple embraced simple southern wedding traditions while including their own style. We wish Tim and Angie luck and we thank them for sharing their beautiful love story with us.

Love Always,
Hart to Heart Media